Promoting Exploration and Engagement

In our Preschool classes, The Creative Curriculum System for Preschool provides playful learning opportunities that thoughtfully promote language, literacy, math, science, social studies, physical, and overall critical thinking skills. Individual instruction is important, and given to every child.

In our Pre-K program, we use The Creative Curriculum Study Starters to help our kindergarten-bound students get ready for advanced learning and life. Studies capitalize on children’s amazing capacity to be engaged in topics and activities that capture their interest, then gently challenge them to think deeper and strive for more. Teachers work as facilitators, helping children learn to think, organize information, build understanding, and develop problem-solving skills.

Language and Literacy Focused

Sheltering Arms is a proud part of the Georgia Department of Education’s Vision 2020 program, which sets a bold vision of literacy for our state: that every child in Georgia will be on a path to being proficient in reading by third grade. To help make this goal a reality, we have formed partnerships with The Atlanta Speech School, the Rollins Center, and the United Way to increase our focus on language and literacy and ensure that every Sheltering Arms child has an early—and meaningful—relationship with reading.

Day to Day Development

In our classrooms, children learn through play at various “Interest Areas” throughout the room. Here are a few of the ways we help learning fun happen.

An idea-filled, imaginative place to learn.

• Foundations for reading and writing
• Promotes questioning, recall and sound imitation
• Introduces children to new ideas, places and people

Action-packed activities for physical, mental and emotional growth.

• Analytical thinking, problem solving, spatial awareness and cause and effect
• Promotes taking turns, perseverance and builds confidence
• Helps kids get hands-on with stacking, stringing, lacing, pounding, buttoning and zipping

Colorful, creative fun that opens worlds.

• Expression, experimentation, trial & error
• Promotes self-awareness and positive ways to express emotion
• Kids practice physical skills, twisting, scribbling, gluing, cutting and painting

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