1888 Society

1888 Society

1888 Society

The 1888 Society is essential to allowing Sheltering Arms to provide quality early childhood education. Society members enable us to train our teachers in the newest methods for developing social-emotional well-being, utilize innovative curricula that engage our students, support our families through our comprehensive 2Gen approach and remain thought leaders in the field of early childhood education.

For questions or for more information, please contact Theresa Prestwood, Chief Development and Communications Officer at tprestwood@shelteringarmsforkids.com or 229-429-6272.

1888 Society Member Complimentary Events

April 2023 – Operation Storybook

March 29, 2023 – Equity Conversation – 6:00 – 8:00 PM


December  2023 – Coffee with the CEO 

Thank You to Last Year’s 1888 Society Members

Individual Members

CEO’s Circle

Liz and Frank Blake

Stephanie Blank

Carol and Jimmy Dew

Founder’s Circle

John and Rosemary Brown

Stiles and Neil Conrad

Martha and Michael Greenway

Elizabeth and Roderick Odom

Patty and Doug Reid

Elane and Andy Stock


Kathryn Valentine

Nicole Layne

Kathy and Alan Bremer

Meghan and Chris Dean

Lori and Charles Kaczynski

Heather and Dan Goerlich

Jim and Donna Stephenson

Laura and Duke Sullivan

Maria and Jeff Kammerer

Erika and Talbert Hill

Lizz Patrick

Anna and Summey Orr


Martha Abbott-Shim

Jennifer and Tom Bell

Deborah and David Eidson

Ruth Hough

Sucheta Kamath

Karen and Michael Leone de Nie

Pegui Mariduena

Andrew McConnell

Ursula and Patrice McNeill

John Morabito

Jacqueline Obannion

Obi Okwara

John Pelick

Egbert Perry

Leona and Peter Rapelye

Blythe Robinson

Yasmin Tyler-Hill

Stephen Vault

Stephanie and Rick Warren

Greg Worrell


Walter Appleby

Julie and Jim Balloun

Diane and Tom Bellem

Brad Blaylock

Lisa Bonner

Helen and Bennie Boswell

Alyce Butner

Anne Carson

Helen and Wayne Cease

Pam Coffey

Ben Collier

Martha Curtis

Joni Deus

Julie and Terry Fishman

Isabelle Ford

Kim Funderburk

Janice and Willie Green

John Hackett

Lori and Kevin Hamada

Cathy and Larry Hilton

Stephen Hindman

Janet and George Johnson

Kong Seng and Thao Kane

Susan Ker-Seymer

Bart Lester

Nancy and Al Masi

Celena Matlock

Stephen Mayo

Virginia and Edward Mitchell

Nancy Pendergast

Lovette and Michael Russell

Keisha Simmons

Paul Stephenson

Dana Stolte

Akin Tuboku-Metzger

Kay Vermeulen

Michele and Jack Walsh

Robert Welsh

Emma and Ron Whited

Samantha Zellefrow