The HOW of Job-Embedded Professional Development

We’re excited to offer a new training in embedded professional development, part of the Educare Best Practices Training each month. By participating in this cohort you will experience three consecutive full days that will not only lay the foundation to this approach but walk away with the key ingredients of design and implementation of Embedded Professional Development (EPD).  We’ve seen the benefits of this type of learning, and we want to share what’s worked in our programs.

Our facilitators will share the latest research in job-embedded models of professional development (PD). Our training supports early learning programs in meeting rigorous standards for quality.

What is the purpose of the training?

The training will help teams of leaders and staff learn about opportunities for collaboration in day-to-day work and strategies for implementing these opportunities into their programs. This training will help participants identify and analyze areas for improvement, set goals, and implement routines and systems that support continuous program improvement.

What will early childhood professionals learn?

Participants will learn:

  • Define traditional PD and EPD
  • Contrast the mindset, methods and practices of traditional PD with EPD
  • Examine the benefits of collaborative, job-embedded professional development (JEPD)
  • Understand best practices in adult knowledge development in order to improve professional practice
  • Explore specific examples, contexts and formats of EPD
  • Understand strategies to establish infrastructure that supports EPD
  • Describe the key ingredients of design and implementation of EPD and leadership’s role in driving the culture of ongoing, continuous professional learning

What are the benefits for staff?

  • Apply the latest research in professional development to provide high-quality services for children and families
  • Learn how to meet national requirements and standards for program quality in the early childhood field
  • Meet guidelines for professional development

What are the benefits for program leaders?

  • Learn strategies to improve program culture and boost staff retention
  • Learn how to make the most of your program’s professional development dollars

Who should attend?

  • Program leaders, such as directors and coaches
  • Staff teams, such as teaching teams and curriculum staff
  • Head Start staff, child care providers and teachers

Why is Educare offering this training?

We share the early childhood education community’s commitment to ensure that more young children can attend high-quality learning programs. Through our national network of effective early learning schools, professional development initiatives and federal and state advocacy efforts, Educare strives to increase access to quality early childhood education for children across the country.

In this training, we will share the latest research as well as what we’ve learned about embedded professional development.

Please contact the GTI office to schedule at or 404-523-9906.

Completed the course? Let us know what you think!

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