The HOW of High-Quality Teaching Practices

We all want to ensure that young children receive the highest quality teaching possible. We’re pleased to let you know that we’re offering a new training in high-quality teaching practices each month. Over a period of three days filled with expanding our lens into The HOW of High-Quality Teaching Practices.

For this training, our facilitators will share the latest research and approaches of implementing high-quality teaching practices for young children, especially those in under-resourced communities. These practices can close the achievement gap that persists for these children, leading to better education, health, social and economic outcomes for them.

The purpose of the training

The training will you implement the structural ingredients and process elements that are integral to high-quality early education. It also offers guidance in how to develop relationships in learning and planning for meaningful interactions.

For program leaders, the training is an invaluable way to enhance their offerings to staff, ensuring they have the latest strategies and practices. For teachers, it is an opportunity to obtain the skills to incorporate high-quality teaching practices into their daily teaching.

What will early childhood professionals learn?

  • Draft a personal belief statement related to high-quality teaching practices
  • Identify high-quality teaching practices in a classroom observation
  • Explore leadership’s role in ensuring program wide high-quality teaching practices
  • Identify possible solutions to overcoming obstacles to implementation of high-quality teaching practices

There are more benefits for attending

Participants will also:

  • Learn how to meet national requirements and standards for program quality in the early-childhood field
  • Meet guidelines for professional development

The opportunity to share your own school’s needs

The training is tailored to meet the needs of every participant. At its heart is a highly interactive and inquiry-based approach that encourages a dynamic exchange of ideas, experiences, questions and answers—allowing participants to influence how and what they learn.

Who should attend?

  • Early education teachers
  • Head Start staff
  • Child care providers
  • Teacher leaders
  • Education coordinators
  • Family engagement supervisors
  • Directors of schools and centers
  • Principals

Why are we offering the training?

Sheltering Arms is dedicated to supporting the early childhood education community’s commitment to young children and their receiving the highest quality learning possible. Our national network of early learning schools, professional development initiatives, and advocacy at the federal and state levels allows us to gather and share the best approaches to early childhood education with schools across the country.


Please contact the GTI office to schedule at or 404-523-9906.

Completed the course? Let us know what you think!

If you have completed the The HOW of High-Quality Teaching Practices course offered through the Georgia Training Institute, we would love to hear your feedback and evaluation! Please click the link below to complete the survey/evaluation.