Impact of Each Giving Level

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When you make a donation, you are supporting equity in early childhood education, diversity and inclusion. You are also making the highest level of early childhood education and family services available for 3,000 children across metro Atlanta this year! Thank you.

$10,000 Support our Level Up Program – Taking a two-generation approach means we center on the  whole family by supporting the growth and development of our students and the adults in their lives.  Through our Level Up Program, Sheltering Arms will enhance our two-generation strategies to include  financial literacy and workforce development allowing families to have greater financial stability.

$5,000 Provide Child Wellness – Essential aspects of early childhood development are learning to  express emotions appropriately, juggling multiple tasks, and maintaining focus and attention. COVID-19  has provided particular stress to the family unit. Our Sheltering Arms staff work on the social-emotional  health of each child to build executive function, resilience, and healthy brain development. You can help  ensure our staff has the resources to support mindfulness, yoga practices, and other activities to help  children develop confidence, focus, decision-making, emotional regulation, and impulse control.

$2,500 Ensure Excellent Teachers – Our teachers attend teacher training, including Child Development  Associate (CDA) classes and numerous state and nationally approved training. Teachers’ participation in  a minimum of 20 hours annually ensures they have a great understanding of whether a student is hitting  milestones in child development, age-appropriate appropriate teaching strategies, and imaginative ways  to motivate children to learn through play. 

$1,000 Give Equitable Access to Quality Education – The cost of tuition for childcare and preschool is  constantly rising. It can represent up to 75% of a family’s income in metro Atlanta. Your donation helps  families be able to afford this care for their children, regardless of where they live. 

$500 Support Child Literacy – This ensures book availability for each classroom throughout the year.  Our Curriculum Specialists work to ensure that each teacher has quality lesson plans that follow the way  children process information. We include books with sophisticated stories and diverse representations. Our teachers are trained in how to read each book are given researched-based questions to ask the kids.  All this promotes language and early literacy and encourages a child’s love for reading. 

$250 Supporting Our Families – At Sheltering Arms, we do not just serve children or parents, but  families – two or more generations of them. We do more than offer referrals for education, healthcare,  economic success, and employment, we also provide trainings, workshops and help families access  educational opportunities. In addition, we make introductions to partner organizations and  professionals to help meet their needs beyond what we offer. 

$100 Guard Against Supply Shortages – Many families in our community lack a sufficient supply of  diapers, wipes, and formula to keep their babies clean, dry, and healthy. As the price of everyday  essentials increases, providing expensive necessities is another way that Sheltering Arms meets our  families where they are and reduces barriers. Your donation can also ensure each Sheltering Arms  classroom has the supplies needed for healthy brain development.

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