Early childhood programs are required to collect various types of data, but figuring out how to use it can be overwhelming. How do you collect data, analyze it and then make decisions to improve child outcomes?

Sheltering Arms Early Education and Family Center is introducing a new training in data utilization to provide practical instruction in how early childhood professionals can use data for continuous quality improvement efforts.

Data utilization is a unique component of the Educare Best Practices Training series, a professional development program for early childhood leaders, teachers, childcare providers and family engagement staff. Our training supports early learning programs in meeting rigorous standards for quality.

Facilitators will share the latest research in using data to improve program practices. Data utilization can be applied to specific interventions, practices, professional development and other goals to benefit the needs of children, families, staff, classrooms, programs and the community.

For example, by reviewing data about a child’s development, early childhood staff can make adjustments to meet the child’s needs. Data collected over several years can uncover trends and patterns in a child’s development. When staff learn to make teaching decisions based on data, they can help children develop the strong foundation they need for future success. Consistently using data to inform decisions across the program allows early childhood professionals to focus on continuous quality improvement.

Training benefits

This training offers the following benefits:

  • Apply the latest research in using data to provide high-quality services for children and families
  • Learn how to meet national requirements and standards for program quality in the early childhood field
  • Meet guidelines for professional development

Who should attend

  • Head Start staff
  • Childcare providers
  • Teachers
  • Management Staff

What participants will learn

With data utilization training, participants will learn how to use data to enhance staff practices that support student and family outcomes. The training will build an awareness of data terminology and examine data use in early childhood settings. It will explore how to distinguish between multiple sources of data and analyze the differences to make informed decisions. Participants can apply the lessons from the training to their daily work, no matter what type of data their programs collect.


In the spring, this course will be offered in February and April. Please complete the form below to register for one session.

Completed the course? Let us know what you think!

If you have completed the A Deeper Dive into Data course offered through the Georgia Training Institute, we would love to hear your feedback and evaluation! Please click the link below to complete the survey/evaluation.

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