STE(A)M Truck presents: Full STEAM Ahead

Teachers participating in Full STEAM Ahead programming will be guided through one or more of Maker Ed’s Maker Educator Micro Credentials. This live, interactive course is intended to help early learning educators foster problem-based learning and hands-on making environments in their classrooms. Facilitated by Jason Martin and Melanie Tumlin. Micro Credentials:
  • Creating Learner-Driven Curriculum: It does not take huge shifts in practice to bring making into your learning environment. This credential focuses on remixing an existing lesson plan to bring in aspects of maker-centered learning.
  • Choosing Materials that Matter: Making becomes meaningful for learners in incredible ways when the materials with which they make are based on their own interests and experiences. This credential walks educators through the kinds of conversations they should be having with learners when determining the materials to provide for making activities.
  • Designing a Space for Making: Any space can be a makerspace if used intentionally. One doesn’t need a whole new room specifically devoted to being the makerspace. In this credential, Educators will leverage guiding questions and interviews with students to begin developing a physical space for making.
  • Documenting and Reflecting: This credential focuses on developing educator’s reflective documentation skills by capturing student work and using captured moments as tools to assess and better understand learning and growth.
  • Planning a Student Showcase: For this credential, educators will develop an action plan for hosting a maker showcase by determining what projects, processes, and/or work will be shown, where the event will take place, and how learners will play a role in planning, creating, and facilitating the showcase.
  • Makerspace Safety: To earn this credential, educators must develop and document safety protocols for the tools available in their learning environment.



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