Confidence from Continuity

Sheltering Arms’ early learning for children birth through three years old is centered on the idea of continuity of care. From the time a child enters our program as an infant until they transition to our Preschool and Pre-K programs, they will learn with the same teacher, their primary caregiver, and the same group of children, creating consistency and lasting bonds.

Creative and Connective

Trust and attachment are major themes for learners at this age. In addition to creating this secure consistent environment, The Creative Curriculum also helps our teachers use other age- appropriate ideas and tools, create daily routines, meet individual students’ needs, and help each child explore and develop their strengths and interests, all while learning.

Day to Day Development

In our classrooms, children learn through play at various “interest areas” throughout the room. Here are just a few of the ways we help learning (and fun) happen:

Inquisitive invitations to explore math and science alone with classmates.

• Counting, sorting, organization and naming activities
• Collaborative exploration, problem-solving and use of tools
• Hand-eye coordination, dexterity and strength

A creative, imaginative place to learn new vocabulary, empathy and cooperation.

• Pre-reading and writing skills
• Role-playing and negotiating relationships
• Fine motor skills: buttons and snaps

A hands-on, texture-rich way to explore properties of the world.

• Pouring, scooping, digging, molding and sifting
• Scientific exploration, cause and effect and experimentation
• Calming, relaxing hands-on play that keeps attentions tuned

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